Professor Nursing@Heart

A large part of being a nurse is continued learning throughout your career and life. Thankfully I LOVE learning. Even more, I LOVE learning about almost all things to do with the profession of caring for people.

A large part of being an educator, a sharer of knowledge, a teacher or a story teller is continued life long learning. Thankfully, I LOVE learning. I LOVE learning about learning.

In my continued education journey, my LOVE for online learning emerged as both a tool I enjoy for my own learning, but also a tool that I love to learn about and develop for those I am sharing my learning with.

I have loved watching and participating in Ontario’s E-Learning journey with e-campus Ontario. As part of this journey with them, I have become an “Extender”. A learner about learning. Part of this learning journey is to create and share my learning journey. I am choosing to share this here, on my own platform, for those who are interested to follow along, or maybe…participate themselves!

I hope you enjoy hearing about the experience as much as I LOVE being a part of it!

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