We are a small team of talented nurse professionals. We have a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you and your team!

Siobhan Bell

MN, BScN, RN - Forensic Nurse Examiner (SA/DV/Elder Abuse)
Siobhan Bell is an experienced nurse and academic. Her experience with healthcare started even before graduating from nursing school. Siobhan was immersed in the world of healthcare and having meaningful experiences as both a Personal Support Worker and as a Unit Administrative Assistant early on in her life. Siobhan grew through this work experience to have a love of caring for people and their families. Since graduating with her nursing degree from York University (BScN, hons.) Siobhan was determined to experience everything in nursing that would help her make a difference for patients and families. Working in the community, long-term care, critical care and now as a Forensic Nurse Examiner for Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse, has given Siobhan a health-systems view of healthcare.  This view has helped to ensure that she is very aware of the intersections of our health system as well as the ways it may fail our communities. Her Academic experience as a professor of nursing with various post-secondary institutions as well as multiple positions as program coordinator positions; has given Siobhan a well rounded view of the both the healthcare system, the post-secondary educational system as well as understanding the pieces that make up the whole to a person’s experience with their health and our systems. Enhancing her clinical and academic experience, Siobhan pursued a number of leadership positions and opportunities, where she led initiatives to improve the care for patients and provide opportunities for her teams to grow and fulfill their professional goals.  Encouraging an atmosphere of learning and mentorship is high on Siobhan’s priority list as a leader. Combined, her healthcare, academic and leadership experience have ensured Siobhan remains a life-long learner in pursuit of more knowledge.
Kristen Riberdy, is a registered nurse with an eclectic resume. With the majority of her clinical experience spent in critical care, she was able to work in many different critical care environments such as ICU, CCU, PACU and ED. Kristen's favourite part of nursing is the therapeutic relationship building that happens while educating and advocating for client needs. Kristen has a passion for teaching and enjoys the mentorship of current and future nurses. As a academic teaching at various ontario colleges in various different nursing programs, Kristen has had the opportunity to grow and develop her knowledge around some specific areas including critical care, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, evidence based and informed decision making as well as professional practice and leadership and management. Kristen's passion for continuing education has led to her becoming certified in a number of areas. She has completed her Critical Care Certificate, Advanced Foot Care as well as Infection Prevention and Control.

Kristen Riberdy

MEd(c), BScN, RN, CAHP, RRPr

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