Today's patient, whether in the community or the hospital, is usually presenting with multiple co-morbities. This shift has slowly been happening over the past 20 years in Canadian healthcare.  What this means for Nurses is that we must have a better ability to critically analyze multiple sets of data in order to see the big picture of a patients priority needs.
Wether you are an RN or an RPN, your continued learning means working within nursing teams to guide, advocate and support patients and their families.
This course is open to all RN and RPN's who hold a valid license from the College of Nurses of Ontario or any other Canadian or American Nursing Regulatory Body.
This course is offered as a combination self-study and small group online discussion.
As a class, we will navigate a total of 5 complex patient cases. Over the course of 12 weeks we will meet online via zoom 6 times. The rest of the weeks you will be encouraged to engage in discussion about this patient with your peers both in this course and in your professional and personal life. Bring your thoughts and ideas to the live sessions, while we put together the big picture for these patients.
You will receive a certificate of completion when successfully completed this course. Certificate comes with detailed course outline for your professional development tracking.
Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the complex whole person pathophysiological response when caring for a patient with multiple diagnosis' both chronic and acute.
2. Develop individualized critical thinking templates for use with future patient interactions.
3. Building more tools for quick care planning for complex patients,  both acute and chronic. 
Enrolment for this course is available for the following dates:
Aprox Total Hours: Indépendant Asynchronous Study is 36
Cost: $375.00 ($50 non-refundable booking fee)
Need Live Class Support? No Problem....Add on some live sessions. $100 gives you 3 live sessions.
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